Wednesday, July 17, 2019

First Pair of Shorts in Decade

 Over the first week of July I completed my first pair of shorts for myself in well over a decade.  I'm not sure why for the last ten years I felt my body type could not wear shorts. So using my limited space and supplies well staying at my son's I decided I needed a project to help break out of my comfort zone.
Using a planning sheet from mybodymodel's Project Planner it was time to re-sketch my pattern of choices mimicking the print in the fabric. 

The Details

Pattern: Lutterloh supplement 273-34-2009. These are a mid-rise knee length short. I'm 5'3" so they might not be knee length on you.
Size: Hip measurement of 128cm. Altered to make them me sized.

Supplies: Fabric, Thread, 4 buttons
Fabric Requirements: I used about 3 yards of African Wax Print. I used this much fabric due to the print. 

Fabric: The Fabric was purchased from Affordable African Prints, which is a group on Facebook. This is a 100% Cotton Ankara Fabric in a green, pink and black print. I would consider it a boarder print as well because the pattern near the bottom selvage was much more condensed than by the top selvage.

Alterations: Need to enlarge the waist by 26cm plus ease. Using the slide and pivot method I added 7.2cm per side. 
Need to also enlarge the hip by 2cm plus ease. Using the same slide and Pivot method I added 1.8cm per side

Modifications: This pattern calls for a zipper fly. I instead decided to make a covered button fly.  
Only one problem with this was I did not have my button hole foot with me to allow my machine to make one step button holes. So did them using zig zag stitch and tacking. 

Thank you to the following tutorials for helping with this process. I did make slight adjustments to their methods but these were very helpful in figuring it out.

Changes for Next Time
This pattern went together very easily and created a well fitted pattern. I plan to make these shorts again since they have been a very nice way too beat the hit this summer. In the next pair I will be scooping out the back crotch just slightly and raising the center back maybe  a little. When I first wore them I felt like the mid-rise of these shorts was to low and exposed my under garments in the back a little. What I really think is going on is the crotch might be slightly to short causing some tightness on the bum. Over all I really love these shorts and they could fast become a nice new staple to the summer wardrobe.

Until next time
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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Starting Fresh

Today is the day to start blogging again. The sewing adventure never stopped. So lets fast forward to summer 2019 and continue the story.

 Currently I am working on a pair of shorts when done they will be made out of  a wonderful Ankara fabric purchased back in 2018 from the Facebook group Affordable African Fabrics. Like every good tale I started with a plan. Let take a quick look at mine.

Before deciding on any patterns this summer I wanted to make sure they would look fabulous on my body type. Using my custom 
croquis, and circled by my Lutterloh pattern stash I sat down for days making quick fun sketches in my project planner. In no way are they professional fashion drawing. These simple quick drawings became my fashion idea color book that provided a wonderful chance to try styles I would not normally choose straight away. I drew for days and at the end I had 4 pages of project start points.

One of the best parts of using  mybodymodel as your croquis is that each model is made with your body measurements. This helps you get a truer idea of how something might look in it finished form. Granted a 2D image is never going to be the exact duplicate as your body.

Not sure what a croquis is... Its a French word for sketch. Most often it is a quick sketch of a model done in a few minutes time. The model might change poses several times enabling an artist to have several sketches. In the fashion world it can be used as a quick drawing to see how a style might look. Often these fashion illustrations are not connected to a real persons body measurements.

The pattern I've chosen to use is from my original Lutterloh kit from 2011, pattern number 34 or if you don't have that kit it would be Lutterloh supplement 273-34-2009. 
Lutterloh 273-34-2009

Not sure what Lutterloh is... Lutterloh is a system that uses miniature patterns and a special tape measure to draft up your patterns. You can learn more about the Lutterloh system here.

Lets hope these shorts turn out the way as envisioned. Until next time.
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Friday, July 6, 2018

Thinking Out Loud

**Thinking out loud** Over the last couple months I've been looking at my closet of clothes in disappointment of myself. This is why. Way back when I went to college for marketing and fashion. I understand the industry and in many ways have watched it change over the last 30 years. I've found my self trapped in the "throw away fashion" trend. If you don't know what I mean by "throw away fashion" ask your self how long do you keep your garments in rotation. Not just because you want a different style, but because they do not hold up to the wear and tear of you wearing them. Have to be honest I loved the idea of adult geranimals, AKA Lularoe or similar brand, even if I don't wear them. Something nice about walking to the closet and finding matching clothing. In the attempt to make things simple 90% of my clothes has become RTW 'throw away fashion" that last on average less than a year or 2. Compare this to 10 years ago when 80% of my clothes were made by me. They matched because I made capsule wardrobes. I still have and wear some of those things. I've been sewing and designing since I was 12 years old. I've continued teaching myself and taking classes all these years. In my high school days I took 4 years of art and 4 years of sewing related courses through tailoring. (I wanted to be a designer but got married instead.) I choose to make simple styles because that is what fits my lifestyle and body. Any way the more I look at things the more I realize I need to make my pendulum swing back to clothing I make. Why? 1. I feel happier. 2. Generally they fit better. 3. I can express myself. 4. I like the challenge. 5. In the long run the $$ and time may pan out in my favor. 6. who knows where this will lead. **End of thinking out loud** #jenneoriginal

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Orientation Module at Penn Foster

I've completed the orientation module of Penn Foster. It was an fairly standard introduction to sewing. Lots of review but I did learn a few things. Somethings you learn include several hand stitches, names of needles and thread, which needles sizes work best for certain fabrics, pattern sizing and so much more. This is a lot of stuff often questioned by beginner sewing enthusiasts. The charts and glossary were very nice. I honestly do not think any of my sewing books cover so much in so little space. Closest one might be my 1975 Vogue Sewing Book. So fare I am enjoying the class and the review is refreshing.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

High Waisted Bikini

It's swim suit time again. Every few years my daughter finds a style she likes but can't quiet find what she wants. A week ago my daughter walked in with an Old Navy bag with two bikini tops that fit her correctly. Very nicely she asked if I would make matching high waisted  bikini bottoms for each. The first one had to be ready for a day at the water park today. This is what we came up with. I started with the basic panties pattern in the book Kwik Sew's Swim & Action Wear. We then fit the basic panty to her sizes. Once we had that fitting I adjusted the panty to what we hopped would be a good high waisted look for her. Next I playing with the general directions in the book to created the gathered/ shirred panel, and finished sewing up a sample pair. The sample pair will make a nice new jersey panty for her. Glad we did that fitting since we ended up adding several more inches to the panties to create the desired look in her swim suit fabric. Happy Sewing!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Laid back and cool like the 70"s

Today I pulled out some wonderful bright bamboo rayon knit. This knit kept screaming old 70's black movies at me. Yeah, you know the kind that Pam Greer would star in wearing those wonderful jumpsuits and flawy dress in. So I took a stab at a two piece sundress. flowy and loss sexy cool.

Yeah it did not turn out exactly as I thought. But I do like the two pieces. The skirt is a self draft. I basically cut the fabric the length I wanted it and used elastic to gather in the waist to my waist measurement. It's not hemmed here and even after I cut off four more inches I decided not to hem it. At least not today.

The stripe top is Lutterloh 293-88-2014. I had a few little problems or questions with this pattern.

1. How to best stabilize the neck edges. I had a sewing friend suggest just stabilizing the back which I did do. I also stabilized the shoulder seams. I think next round I may try to do something with the front. I felt like the bamboo rayon knit could have used a little support.

2. How to best secure the front crossover so it does not droop?

3. make sure next round with this top to hem before basting cross over to other side front. Really once you sew the side seams you can't really hem it. So my version is not hemmed.

Over all I lied this top pattern and will do it again in a solid color.
Here is the top Lutterloh 293-88-2014 matched up with my black and pink piping skirt Lutterloh 281-144-2011.

Lastly the striped 70's inspired skirt with an Old Navy pink t-shirt.

I don't know what tomorrows adventure will be. Not hearing any of my fabric calling out to be next.

Oh well. Happy sewing.