Friday, May 21, 2010

Sewing and Books

For a long time I could not figure out how to combined my two passions. I'm in love with collecting good books just about as much as I enjoy playing with fabric and creating a new garment. I girl needs insperation. Why not take it from a book.

Several years ago I sold most of my sewing books. In the last 12 months I started to slowly rebuilding that collection. I'm going to try to review the books I most enjoy or use one at a time. You will also see me note the books I used as a reference when I sew.

First up is the Weekend Sewer's Guide to Pants and Skirts. I love this book. It was a wonderful trip down memory lane and was packed full of time saving ideas. The garments are dated but there are a few gems to grab on to and try. The invisable tummy slimmer is one of those great ideas that a home sewist can use. Totally takes the mystery out of all the RTW secret slimmers in pants. Any way her is my review of the book.

Book Index/Chapter headings
GET READY...With a Perfect Fit for You, and Your Lifestyle
GET SET...With Some Creative Inspiration
About the designers

Paper Back or Hard Bound?
Hard Bound I have the 1998 edition
Does this book have clear illustrations or photographs?
Yes both. It’s a very nice trip down memory lane.

Would you recommend this book as a MUST HAVE?

It would depend. If you’re looking for a book with tons of update fitting and design ideas. This is not the book for you. If you’re looking for a book with ideas on how to plan your sewing, a little history about clothing, like where did blue jeans come from, and some older ideas that work today for example adding a tummy slimmer. Than this is a great book for you. Personally I read this book much like I would a novel. Had a lot of trips down memory lane and some real neat light bulb moments. Will be incorporating a few ideas into my own sewing.

Just about done with a white denim version on my TNT crop pant pattern Burda Plus Spring/Summer 2009-411. These crops are piece 3 in my intial 4 piece spring/summer collection in orange and white.

Up next might be McCall's M5977 view A in orange interlock. Will have to wait and see.

Happy sewing!!

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