Monday, February 28, 2011

How Do you Best Learn

The Sewing Library
 How do you best learn? Every year about this time I decide it's time in invest in something new to increase my knowledge of my craft of sewing. My mind starts race should I purchase a new book or DVD. How about a class. Living in the area I do class are pretty much limited to those online at sites like PR or Lutterloh NZ.

Having recently saved 10 yards of denim form my local Goodwill store I've been obsessed with the idea of making a pair of jeans. But were does one begin? Today in the inbox of my email I received ad for Jeans for Real People.  The video is 3 hours long and promises a start to finsh look at making a great pair of jeans. Hmm now it's got me thinking just how much info about jean making is too much. Should I buy this video as well as the project on jean making from Lutterloh NZ? Will this video be a one time watch or a great resource to add to the sewing shelf?

So tell me whats your favorite way to learn and grow into a better sewist? Do you have a favorite resource or class?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Denim, Denim and More Denim!

10 yards of denim was happily rescued by me from the local Goodwill store. Three weeks ago after 3 separate visits I knew it was begging for a home even if it meant sitting in my fabric stash. At the time I had some idea I would try a pair of  jeans or two but had no idea that a big part of this springs style watch would be denim. Denim jackets, denim blazers, denim skirts, denim dress and denim pants all in several styles inspired by the '70's and else where. It will be interesting watching the return of the high waisted pant from that era and deciding if it is for me this time around.

Embracing the current spring trend of denim I have decided to attempt to make a new pair of jeans. Or perhaps this resolution comes from the fact that of the 4 pairs of denim in my closet I currently always grab the same pair. And that poor pair of pants has decide most recently to rebel in fit like all of it's brothers and sisters hanging in the closet because they are too tight or refuse to stay up on the tummy. A good pair of jeans is like a good pair of tights and stays where it is suppose to.
To begin this denim adventure I have decided to consult the experts about pants. Out has come Pants For Real People by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto and Making Trousers for Men and Woman by David Page Coffin. My brain is still debating if I should invest in Lutterloh Jeans Making class or tool away on my own until I have my chosen pair perfected.

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans you have made?

Happy Super Bowl everyone. Although I think the Steelers are a good team I would not be a true girl of the green and yellow country with out saying GO PACKERS GO.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Try To Think Spring

One of this winter worst storms is passing slightly south of us. When I say slightly I mean the worst part of the storm.  Both Milwaukee and Chicago areas have started shutting down, and schools not 30 miles away had off today and are already canceling school tomorrow. one local collage today said no class so far. But this is WI and the weather changes by the minute.

One thing I know that is not going to change is that winter will last another 6 weeks at least. So thinking spring is very hard, but wanting to add color to the grey days is a must. So I've come up with the idea that I need to create a late winter/early spring collection. I will be doing the collection as a endless combination style collection where one piece plays off of the last so the each piece can work with 2 or more pieces.
The first idea is to create some color with a palette of denim, orange and brown.  Which could work easily through three seasons. Fabric clockwise is dark blue denim, orange double knit, brown print poly woven, orange satin that was permanently wrinkled during washing, cotton lycra knit in upbeat dots, orange rayon blend knit and a brown print rpl knit. Missing would be brown double knit for a pair of pants, skirt and jacket combo.

The second color idea for some reason yells summer to me, and for that reason alone I think I might hold it off. Clockwise aqua bamboo knit, royal blue prl, aqua rib knit, cotton blend satin twill print in white, aqua and royal, charcoal poly blend with royal pin stripe. Whats missing would be a white double knit for a skirt/dress and royal blue double knit for a pants/skirt.

What do you think? Happy sewing.