Monday, February 28, 2011

How Do you Best Learn

The Sewing Library
 How do you best learn? Every year about this time I decide it's time in invest in something new to increase my knowledge of my craft of sewing. My mind starts race should I purchase a new book or DVD. How about a class. Living in the area I do class are pretty much limited to those online at sites like PR or Lutterloh NZ.

Having recently saved 10 yards of denim form my local Goodwill store I've been obsessed with the idea of making a pair of jeans. But were does one begin? Today in the inbox of my email I received ad for Jeans for Real People.  The video is 3 hours long and promises a start to finsh look at making a great pair of jeans. Hmm now it's got me thinking just how much info about jean making is too much. Should I buy this video as well as the project on jean making from Lutterloh NZ? Will this video be a one time watch or a great resource to add to the sewing shelf?

So tell me whats your favorite way to learn and grow into a better sewist? Do you have a favorite resource or class?


  1. I'm obsessive when I want to learn something new and get everything I can on the subject. I start at the library and our library will ship from any of the city's locations to my local branch. After that I hit the internet and look for other free info. I'll browse through the bookstore and read other people's reviews of books and videos before I actually spend money on anything.

    I've never made jeans but am considering them recently. I think I like a lot more ease in all of my clothing than jeans require to look right. Did you make yours yet?

  2. books have been my go to and you tube videos but I might try to order some dvds as well

  3. Great question! For me it's important to have great info always on hand. I read EVERYTHING I can get my hands on! I was really crazy about this when I first began sewing. I have a huge library and pretty much all of the popular books stemming from the basics to pattern drafting, draping, etc. And I have tons of DVD's---including most of the Palmer/Pletsch videos (Thanks for revealing that they have a new jeans dvd).I'm a visual learner and I often can't learn from just one book so I like to cross reference alot. But for some sewers only a handful of books are sufficient for them. It's funny how we're all different:)

  4. I do as much research as I can - books, videos, Internet.... I'm not hugely keen on classes because they cost money, I'm not very good at sitting still anymore (!), and there's no guarantee I'm gonna get what I need out of the class (tho' I *would* take a Susan Khalje couture class if a bag 'o'money fell out of the sky). I think the various sew-a-longs and blogs give very useful information because it's usually ordinary people (not clothes models or mannequins) taking pictures and working thru the various challenges they face. Of course there is NOTHING like experience;if I had 10 yds of "rescue" denim and a long weekend w/o family around, I would dive in to the jeans process. I have definitely been thinking about making my own jeans and have bought several patterns to eventually come up with my own "Frankenpattern" - which will probably include a Lutterloh pattern in my size as well.

    I just found your blog today, and I'm definitely enjoying it. Keep up the lovely writing and happy sewing!