Sunday, July 3, 2011

Me Made June the Final Days

The challenge is finally done. What I learned from Me made June  is that I have a few garments that I grab over and over and over again and that I also have some holes in my wardrobe. The goal is to slowly build my wardrobe up so that 90% of the clothes I have are me made. Also creating mini wardrobes of 6 or more pieces in the same color story seems to work well when putting outfits together.  On to the outfits.

Day 20 Sweater: Thrifted, Top: Lutterloh Special Edition 31 #6, Pants: Macy's Jeans.
Day 21 Top: Lutterloh Supplement 279 #203, Pants: Lutterloh Project Jeans, Fuller Figure #137 copyright 1996.
Day 22 Hoddie: Macy's, Top: McCalls 5977, Pants: Macy's Jeans.
Day 23 Sweater: Kohls, Top: BurdaStyle Magazine 02-2009-118, The cutie on my arm is my great nephew.
Day 24 Some days you just feel like lounging. Today's lounge wear is vintage Lutterloh from the 1970 book  #416 copyright 1969.
Day 25 Sweater: Thrifted, Top: Top: Lutterloh Special Edition 31 #6, Pants: Simplicity 5074.
Day 26 Top: Lutterloh Special Edition 31 #6, Skirt: Lutterloh Supplement 281 #143.
Day 27 Top: Lutterloh Supplement 271 #45, Cami: Lane Bryant
Day 28 Gray Top: Thrifted, Green Top Butterick 5100
Day 29 Top: Lane Bryant, Pants: Lutterloh Project Jeans, Fuller Figure #137 copyright 1996. Correction the Pants are actually BurdaStyle 04-2009-134.

Day 30 Hoodie: Macy's, Top: Lutterloh Special Edition 31 #6, Skirt: Burda Plus Fashion Spring/Summer 2008 (E985) 405.

I'm currently working on what my kids have named the wonder bread top.  Happy sewing until next time.

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