Sunday, July 31, 2011

One Pattern Many Looks Entries


It all started in June when I made my Lutterloh skirt . I fell instantly in love with it and knew I wanted to make more. This realization seem to come at the perfect time because PR had just started the newest contest and wouldn't you know it was there One Pattern Many Looks Contest. I wanted to enter. No, I had to enter but first things first I needed to reproduce the skirt more than once and some how make it different each time. Five ideas quickly came to mind and the were wonderful because each one would use some stash fabric.I'm excited to share with you 4 of the five ideas that came to life. A review on how Lutterloh Supplement 281 #145 has become a big part of my summer.

First up, a girl need some thing to play in on those hot days of summer. Why not a white denim skirt.?The fabric of this skirt came from and has been sitting in my stash for a year. I want this skirt to have a little personality but all the look of a pair of white denim pants. All the top stitching on this skirt have been done in black. The pockets I did the same way as I would on a pair of jeans.

Skirt number two was all about a casual shopping trip. We all know how we want to wear something comfortable yet fashionable when we go shopping. Especially clothes shopping. Why not a knit skirt. This skirt was made from some great double knit from the stash. I believe the fabric originally came from This fabric has a lovely cotton feel to it so I believe it may be a cotton/poly blend. I have never been able to find another double knit that feels like this. To spice up this version Fuchsia piping and top stitching was added. Can't forget the great Prada purse thrifted last summer.

 "Girls just want to have fun oh, girls just want to have fun." Thank you Cyndi Lauper for invading the air waves well I grew up. This theme song of the '80's seemed to be constantly on. Unfortunately girls cant always have fun some times it down to business we need to go. That's were skirt number three will come in handy. It is made of a charcoal gray poly suiting I picked up last year during one of wonderful sales. This winter paired with some black tights and a cardigan or jacket it will be perfect for the class room.

Last but not least is skirt number four. We all know there are those times when the candles are lit and the lights are dim. Our honey only has eyes for us. They're smiling eyes, happy to enjoy a little Friday night date night time. why not wear designer? This skirt is made out of a great piece of designer Woven Jacquard purchased during designer sale fall of 2009. The piece I bought was too tiny to do much with it but this skirt fit it perfectly.

Oh by the way all my 4 tops are from the same pattern too. It is Lutterloh 277 #101 the review of the pattern can be found here and here.  With a new school year approaching my household is about to see a few changes which includes me returning to college. Excited about it but also excited to switch over to fall sewing. Really needs some new dress pants. Happy sewing until next time.

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