Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Burda Plus Fashon F/W 403

Today I spent all day making
BPF 8-2009-403. I had intended it to be a nice top to add to my mini wardrobe. But some things happened first of the top really needs and FBA and to be shortened to fit me correctly. I had an extremely hard time attaching the standing collar of the cowl neck to the back edge. The directions Burda wrote still perplex me. Any way I know the method I did was not correct it created these two little pleats. My dd heard me during the last fitting of the top came out looked at it and said hey mom let me see that. A few minutes she came out wearing the top. This dd does not wear alot of color at all but wow the smile one her face I knew this version was meant for her. We will be getting some black leggings so it is school appropriate. What do you think?


  1. Cute top. I look forward to seeing more and especially your SWAP!