Monday, August 17, 2009

Rainbow Jeans and thoughts on a SWAP

I finally finished
BWOF 04-2009-134. They turned out to be a great pair of trouser jeans. I love how they have waist darts to help create waist and hip shaping. They then flare gentle to the floor creating a great shape for the wearer. I wore mine to work today (retail job). It was not jean day but these looked dress enough. They wore well with all the bending. lifting, walking and what not I do at my retail job. With that being said when I'm back to my job at the school these will be my Friday jean day pants. Any way I did my topstitching on these in rainbow thread so I've nicknamed them my rainbow jeans.
The fabric I used was 10oz Denim metro blue from $3.99 per yard Used 3 yards so $11.97 plus .68 rainbow thread so a pair of pants for $12.65. These are the first pants in my mini SWAP to get ready for the bigger on that starts in September on . I'm so excited to start the big 10 piece SWAP. In that SWAP you need to make 4 bottoms, 5 tops and an overpiece. the pieces have to work with each other. Should be challenging but fun. With 90 days to sew it we'll see how many pieces I get done.
Ok, a few weeks back one of the managers I work with in the retail store asked me if I really save a lot of money sewing my own clothes. My answer at the time was I don't know. But when I think about it the two RTW tops I bought that did not make it through the summer cost about as much as all the clothes I made and have been wearing all summer. I was so inspired by her question I decided to try a year long SWAP in which I rebuild my wardrobe only by sewing the garment. This challenge is sewing the clothes I uses in a year excludes undergarments, shoes and acessories. I will post how much the item of clothes cost me and where I bought the fabric. At the end of the year I'll add up how much I spent. I will also post composit pictures.
anyway it llte until next time.

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