Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dresses For My Girls

Ah!!! My first blog post.

Well I finally got done with my dd dresses. It been a long month of sew mainly for my girls. They were invited to a fairly formal wedding so the adventure for the perfect dress started.

My younger girl is very influenced by the styles of the 50's (Grease), the 80's (early Madonna and Cindy Lopper) and a current fashion culture in Japan called Gothic Lolita. The smart girl that she is went shopping in my fabric stash and found the perfect pieces to create her calm look for this wedding out of Burda 9576 . She had to have matching knee length leggings and a petticoat. If she could of totally had her way the petticoat would have had several , more layers of net.

My oldest dd look from

McCalls 5850 is another one of her famous bubble or balloon skirt dress. She tells me the next dress will be a long formal. All though I feel the skirt could have been a size smaller she is very happy with her dress which will also be worn to one of her many school dances.

Like always I try to use as much recycled fabric as I can. When I say recycled what I mean is the fabric was bought at a thrift or Goodwill store. So in this case white bridal satin, and the blue jersey came from a local Goodwill, the eggplant satin from Hancock fabric and the Punchy Pique Dot Azure from Both dress cost me a fraction of the cost in RTW. Really all that matters to me is that the girls are happy.

Next up is sewing for me. I've been working on a TNT T-shirt pattern. I'm also planning a fall SWAP wardrobe. SWAP = sewing with a plan. You can learn more about what that is from this
article. I'll let you know more about my plan at the next blog.


  1. These girls look like the essence of Summertime. Great styles! Nice work

  2. Hi! I'm slowly reading through as many plus sized sewing blogs as I can find, and I thought I'd check in to let your know who is reading through all your entries. Your daughters look so pleased to being wearing your sewn items. I hope mine are as pleased when they are teenagers.